Player Breakdown

Time Pressure Performance


Nakamura played amazingly in endgames, only one inaccuracy all tournament! When the players were not in time pressure, Gukesh was the most sharp, without a single mistake or blunder until under 5 minutes on his clock.


If there was a weakness for Gukesh this tournament, it was his struggles in severe time pressure. His 10x increase in poor moves in severe time pressure is well ahead of any other candidate. 37% of his poor moves came in time pressure or severe time pressure. Nepo and Nakamura, true to form, managed to avoid clock trouble for much of the tournament.

Overall Poor Moves in Time Pressure

Poor Moves No Time Pressure


Poor Moves Time Pressure


185% from prior category

Poor Moves Severe Time Pressure


134% from prior category

Poor moves increase in likelihood by 2-3x with each jump in time pressure category

Winning and Losing Positions


Vidit is a bit of a surprise to be among those with the most winning positions in the tournament. He was unable to convert twice, the most of any candidate. Gukesh converted all five of his winning positions, a crucial factor in his tournament victory.


Nepo was praised for his defending all tournament, he miraculously worked his way out of 3 losing positions, while the remaining candidates combined only did this once.